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Your participation

FONA Conservation enables you to take part in ensuring the earth's healthy future. By supporting student research into unraveling the wonders of nature, you support the protection of ecosystems and contribute to sustainable development in communities worldwide.

Additionally, your organisation may gain exposure at the level of:
- the students and their respective institutes of higher education
- nature conservation organisations and their managers on the fieldwork sites
- your clients within the framework of socially acceptable enterpreneurship

- the student may report back to your organisation
- you may take part in a guided field excusion, also internationally (at your own expense)
- you gain personal satisfaction that you contribute to the understanding how nature works, which helps to better protect it in future

Exposure through:
- this website, linked to the project that you support
- your own website and other means of communication
- your organisation being acknowledged in the student reports, if you so wish
- the networks in nature conservation in which FONA Conservation and FIN take part.

Your donation - either once-only or recurrent - contributes to FONA Conservation achieving its aims through:
- sponsorship of a project of your choice
- consolidating the fund's capital bearing interest
- financing a project of your fancy

A contribution of € 500 substantially benefits any single project. Your once-only donation of at least € 10.000 - or a yearly contribution of at least € 1.000 - secures your primary sponsorship of FONA Conservation. This ensures you being listed on our website and in other publications, if you so desire. A primary sponsor receives an invitation to attend our yearly network meeting, where students present their project results.


Interested in donating to FONA Conservation?
Please contact our chair Ms. Marielle Beijen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

For your financial support please use:
Bank account number NL12ABNA0555136000